I’ve been mired in projects recently, so rather than write a whole other post, I’m going to direct you to my post “Marketing your book on a budget: tips and strategies for indie authors” at Carteret Writers. It’s pre-game reading for anyone who plans to take my upcoming Virtual to Vibrant class at Carteret Community College.

I’ve been working double time on EPIC Carteret this last week in order to get the website up and running by August 1. It’s going to remain a work in progress, but I’m pleased with what we’ve built so far. Meanwhile, Jack Ware has been dabbling with audio equipment to make sure that we’re producing something that sounds as brilliant as the people I’ve been talking with.

If you’ve got a horror story trying to claw its way out of you like a zombie who woke up on the wrong side of the dirt, sign up for “Fear Factor: Decoding the Psychology at Work in Horror Writing,” my spooky season writing workshop. Participants who choose to write a short horror story set in Carteret County have the option to read their stories live at the Carteret Writers’ October event for a special Halloween episode of EPIC Carteret.