August has been as unruly as rocket grass, and I’ve been sloppy in juggling all of my responsibilities. Sloppy but not altogether ineffectual. In fact, I’m thrilled to report that I have made creeping progress on my upcoming EPIC Carteret podcast. I’m excited about the possibilities, and I want to share some behind-the-scenes milestones I’ve made since my last post on the topic.

The trailer is almost here!

My talented EPIC Carteret sound engineer (and lovely husband) Jack has been working tirelessly to perfect the trailer. Unfortunately, he came down with a summer cold, so the release might be slightly delayed. Send him some well-wishes and stay tuned!

Interviews are recorded!

I’ve had the incredible opportunity to sit down with my first two guests: Tom Kies, our Chamber of Commerce president and Edgar-nominated author, and Amanda McCall, the passionate local educator who spearheaded the brand new Title Wave bookmobile. The sessions have been illuminating, enriching, and downright enjoyable. I know he’s biased, but Jack was smiling listening to them. I can’t wait for you to eavesdrop on these community-centric conversations.

The EPIC Carteret website is live!

If you know me, you know I love to build a website. I’ve been happily plugging away at the EPIC Carteret digital home on the internet all summer, and it is now up and running in its embryonic form. I have a much bigger vision but only so much time in a day to dedicate to a pet project. Check it out!

Our blog is blossoming!

While we’re talking websites, the EPIC Carteret blog is underway and should be live in the next week. Among the first posts, writer Emily Carter of A Chick’s View will take us along with her for drinks and music at Beaufort’s hidden hotspot Tapping the Admiral and writer Jessi Waugh of Reader-Writer will share her secret for reading the wind.

I’m leaving Easter eggs on IG…

I also finally got around to setting up the EPIC Carteret Instagram account. I don’t foresee having any other social media sites as I cannot be trusted to maintain more than one, and even maintaining one will be a challenge because I’m just not that into social media. However, I will tell you that I’m having some fun with it and leaving clues about another project entirely, which shall remain a mystery for many more months to come. So if you’re reading this post, you’re part of the secret society that knows more than anybody else about my mischievous machinations.

Come have some fun with us at the beach!

Visit the website. Read the posts. Comment so that the writers know you value their thoughts and ideas. Share with people who will enjoy. And get your ears ready for EPIC Carteret!